Listening is such an important skill to learn. Some of us were born with a tendency to speak (or scream!) more often than not. Others of us were born as more quiet infants. But all of us have had to learn – and must continue to learn – the art of listening. This is more than just hearing what someone else says, but really trying to understand that person from his or her perspective.

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Absolute Truth

I just received and read my copy of the current “Communion together” newsletter (Nov/Dec 2010).  First, take a few minutes to read the article by Jen Carney on being “Missionaries in Our Own Community.”  Her words are right on the money – missions work begins in our own neighborhood.  It’s good stuff.

Second, I’d like to comment about Jim Lyon’s article on “Absolute Truth and the Word of God.”  This article reminds us of some important points, such as the fact that the Bible contains the truths of God.  But the notion of absolute truth is, I believe, more complicated than the article suggests.  Here’s what I mean:

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