Another strange encounter, this time between Saul and Ananias, points us toward the importance of noticing where God is at work in our lives. Where is the God Space in your life? Listen to Pastor David’s sermon on Acts 9:1-22.

By the way, the video which Pastor David wanted to show at the end of this sermon can be found here:

Our worship services are planned carefully and thoughtfully. I (Pastor David) take a couple of hours each Monday morning to plan the next Sunday’s worship service. Each week I have a theme or an idea in mind, and my hope is that the theme or idea is conveyed and experienced by everyone in the worship service. But I am realizing that may not always be the case.

So each week I hope to give you a little description of the structure of our upcoming worship service, in order that you might have an idea of what to expect and how to prepare yourself spiritually for our weekly encounter with the ever-living God. Continue reading

Enter into the world of Theophilus, the addressee and recipient of a two-volume document known as Luke and Acts.  In the midst of the story of Acts, Theophilus reads about a man who sounds very familiar to him:  a centurion named Cornelius.  Listen in as Pastor David preaches on Peter’s speech to Cornelius in Acts 10:34-43.

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