Instead of “another day, another dollar,” today we could say, “another month, another sad story of conflict between police and citizens.”

In recent weeks, we have seen news reports from Texas, where an African-American woman named Sandra Bland was arrested by a Hispanic male state trooper named Brian Encinia. Thanks to today’s technology, we have seen video footage of the conversation, altercation, and arrest. That footage gives us reason to consider our lives and our choices. Continue reading

We have read some troubling stories lately in our Chronological Bible readings. In the past month, we have worked our way through the books of Joshua and Judges, which contain no small amount of violence and bloodshed. Some of these biblical stories can make your stomach turn with disgust!

One such story is the death by gang rape of an unnamed young woman in Judges 19. So much of this story is unspeakably disturbing. Continue reading

Do you know John 3:16? “For God so loved…” It seems like many people, especially Christians, know that verse, but what about its context? If we only read John 3:16, being a Christian could just depend on a mental acknowledgement of Jesus. But that’s not what John 3:14-21 is about. Listen in as Pastor David continues our series of messages with connections to human trafficking. (And visit when you are finished!)

Listen now!

This week, our guest speaker was Kaitlyn Mercy, a local 17-year-old survivor of human trafficking. Due to the sensitive and personal nature of her experiences, we will not be posting an audio recording of her message. Instead, please take some time to familiarize yourself with some of the resources we can use to fight human trafficking: