We had the honor of hosting Bobby and Jenny Mihsill, our Living Link missionaries to Cote d’Ivoire, in worship this week. They preached on Luke 5:1-11 and called us all to join them in following Jesus, who calls us to “fish for people.” Listen to their message here!

Bobby and Jenny Mihsill, Missionaries to Cote d’Ivoire

In Luke 24:13-35, two disciples meet the resurrected Jesus on the road to Emmaus. The story and its structure point to one transformative truth: Jesus is alive! How can we share this living Jesus with others by wondering with them about their spiritual journeys? Listen to Pastor David’s sermon:

The six levels of the chiastic structure found in this Bible story:


Another strange encounter, this time between Saul and Ananias, points us toward the importance of noticing where God is at work in our lives. Where is the God Space in your life? Listen to Pastor David’s sermon on Acts 9:1-22.

By the way, the video which Pastor David wanted to show at the end of this sermon can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahg6qcgoay4

A couple of weeks ago, on November 1, I preached on Romans 12:1-2. The sermon, part of our series on evangelism, was a call for us to experience deep transformation in Jesus Christ and then to live into the perfect will of God. The sermon led directly into sharing the Lord’s Supper together, an experience of deep transformation in which we encounter the crucified and living Christ in a mysterious, powerful way.

In the sermon’s conclusion, I spoke these two sentences:

The world’s way of living is to ignore the mercy of God and to live for our own comfort and preservation. When we separate ourselves from those who are not like us, we are simply accommodating to the pattern of the world.

I would like to expand on those thoughts with you now. Especially now, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Continue reading