Not a Manger Scene

“No, honey, that’s not a manger scene.”

Those are the words spoken in a single-panel comic by Steve Breen for the San Diego Union-Tribune on December 2, 2022.

In this comic, a few people are walking down a paved sidewalk, surrounded by trees and shrubs in a public park. A couple of strands of white Christmas lights are hanging overhead across the sidewalk. In the foreground, we see an adult and a child – perhaps a grandfather and grandchild – walking hand-in-hand down the path, away from us, as if we are following them on their outdoor walk. They are looking over to the side, where, away from the path and in front of a low brick wall, a young family sits on the ground, huddled together with a few blankets. This family consists of a father, mother, and young child, and they are arranged in such a way that a passerby (like the grandchild) might notice a similarity to the familiar Christmas scene of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus lying in a manger.

“No, honey, that’s not a manger scene.”

Take a few moments to sit with that comic, and think about it. I’ll share a few thoughts below. Continue reading

Christmas Eve Service


You are invited to join in an observance of Jesus’s birth in this special worship service! Our hope is that you will watch this video on Christmas Eve, or whenever you gather with your loved ones to celebrate Christmas this year.

In this service, Pastor David leads with scripture readings and Christmas carols as we light the Advent candles and the Christ candle.

Be sure to watch carefully during the last verse of the final Christmas carol, “O Holy Night,” for our virtual candlelight service! You’ll see pictures of many of our church members – both in Michigan and elsewhere – as well as pictures of our missionaries, including Lawrence and Jo Adams, and Bobby, Jenny, Moore, and Reese Mihsill.

At various points, you will be asked to pause the video so you can read several passages of scripture in your own home:

Isaiah 35
Luke 1:67-79
Luke 1:26-38
Luke 2:1-5
Luke 2:8-16
Matthew 2:1-12

The entire experience should last about an hour, including time for you to read the above passages.

Posted by Mt. Haley Church of God on Friday, December 18, 2020