Lamb or Lion? It has been a cold snowy winter and the long rides on Sunday and Tuesday evenings after youth meetings have been chilly.  We are not only ready to have  March come as a lamb, but to continue to put our trust in the “Lamb of God.” God has been GOOD!!

Our adventure to Guatemala was fantastic.  After enduring weather in the 70’s for the week, it was hard to come home to another snowstorm.  Because of weather, we were blessed with two extra days in Guatemala and some extra sightseeing.  The whole trip was a “once in a lifetime” experience and blessings were flowing. Our team will be presenting a report to the Mt. Haley congregation on Sunday, March 16, in the morning Worship Service at 11:00 AM.  Come and share in the blessings of the trip.

This coming Friday night (March 7th) we will be having our annual Winter Lock-In at Mt. Haley from 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM. We will be having fellowship, games, movies, devotions, special activities, food, fun, and more. Bring your friends, bring games you want to play, maybe a sleeping bag if you would like to take a nap and we will have a GREAT TIME.  We are still in the planning stages so let us know if you have any special requests.

We are cruising along on Sunday nights with our study on “Relationships.”  We have had some really great discussions and they are only going to get better.  Sunday mornings have been good too as we work on “Characters of the Bible.”  We want to issue a special invitation for you to come on Sunday mornings and Sunday nights.  If you need rides, we can work on arrangements.  Winter school activities are coming to a close so we hope to have a great spring seeing everyone here.  (And bring a friend!)

State Youth Convention is May 16-18; Registration for the convention begins this month.  It costs $120 per person if registered by March 31 with a deposit of $40.  It will be $130 if registered by April 30 with a deposit of $50 and $155 if registering in May with a deposit of $75.  It pays to register early.

We will kick off the weekend on Friday night with Royal Tailor in concert.  Royal Tailor is a Christian band with hits like “Ready, Set Go,” and “Jesus Love,” featuring TobyMac.  Our other guest is John Tibbs.  John and his group will be leading us in worship throughout the weekend. Our speaker for the weekend will be Leo Robinson II.  He will challenge us to pursue vibrant lives for Christ. Leo is from Flint and a Church of God Youth Pastor.

Fundraising Season Has ARRIVED! We have a youth team of delegates planning on attending the International Youth Convention in Nashville in July.  They NEED to earn over $400 by June 15, so we have our challenge ahead of us.  We will be intensely fundraising for both IYC and SYC so our kids will need money.  We will be having dinners, pop can collection days, and may other types of fundraising opportunities.  Our Youth Garage Sale will be Friday & Saturday, April 25 & 26, so we are collecting articles for the sale soon.  We will store things in the garage as we receive them, and then transfer them to the Grahams, 712 Stillmeadow in town for the sale.  The next week, May 3, we will be working at auction selling refreshments. We have lots of ideas to help the kids to earn their way.

Our BIG PROJECT? WE WOULD LIKE TO WORK FOR YOU!  The students are willing to work to earn their way to the convention and we would like to be at your service.  What does that mean? What are the jobs that you need to do around your home in the next several months and would be willing to pay a student help you?  We have already inventoried the skills that our students possess and hope to match them up with what you need to have done.  Jobs might include such things as:  cleaning a garage, washing windows, babysitting, washing a car, yard work, possibly painting, shoveling snow, cleaning out an attic, moving things, and the list goes on and on.  We have a huge list of possibilities.  We’re asking you to pray about it, think about it, and put us to work HELPING US HELP YOU & HELPING YOU HELP US!

Parents and church, your prayers, support and encouragement are greatly appreciated and we look forward every week to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our students through interaction, study, fellowship and relationship.  Thank you for sharing your son or daughter and our congregation for holding the youth up in PRAYER.

Love God, Love People!


Pastor Jerry

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