This Sunday is called “Transfiguration Sunday.” It’s the day on which we remember the amazing transfiguration of Jesus while he was praying. What if we had a face-to-face encounter with the living God?

  • Welcome and Announcements: We take care of the business of the church.
  • Opening Prayer: We welcome God’s presence into our midst.
  • “Holy, Holy, Holy”: We honor God with this chorus of praise, based on a classical piece of music.
  • “You are Holy (Prince of Peace)”: We continue celebrating God’s holiness by singing this contemporary song.
  • Responsive Reading – Psalm 99: This ancient psalm reminds us that the Lord our God is holy.
  • “I See the Lord”: Along with the prophet Isaiah (6:1-4), we stand in awe of the living God as we see him in our mind’s eye.
  • “We Are So Blessed”: We give thanks to God for his many blessings, which we do not deserve.
  • Giving Tithes and Offerings: We give back to God everything, symbolized by money, prayer requests, and our very selves which we place in the offering plates.
  • “Let Me See Jesus Only”: We prepare for prayer by asking God to make himself spiritually visible to us.
  • Prayer: We offer up our prayers of thanksgiving and intercession to the Lord
  • Special Music: We reflect on the holiness of God while we listen to a special musical offering.
  • Scripture Reading – Exodus 35:29-35: We read the story of Moses meeting God face to face and having his face shine brightly on each occasion.
  • Sermon Text – Luke 9:28-36: Jesus is transfigured; his face shines brightly like Moses’s did several centuries earlier. Even Moses and Elijah make cameo appearances in this text.
  • Sermon – “Good News: Receiving Truth and Grace”: This is the final sermon in our series on “Good News.”
  • “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”: We respond to God’s word by inviting each other to look more carefully, more deeply, more intentionally upon Jesus, his example, and his teachings.
  • Benediction: We depart in peace to be the church through the week to come.

I hope to see you in worship!

Pastor David

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