texture by Patrick Hoesly
texture by Patrick Hoesly

This past month was “Pastor Appreciation Month,” and I have to admit: I feel very appreciated!  Thank you to all of you who sent cards, gave gifts, wrote notes, and participated in last Sunday’s potluck dinner after church.  None of those expressions of appreciation are required; they are all “bonus blessings” from my perspective.  I feel confident in speaking on behalf of Pastor Jerry when I say that we are both deeply grateful and appreciative of you, the good people of Mt. Haley Church of God.

As this month draws to a close, I think it is proper to turn things around.  Another way to read “Pastor Appreciation Month” is to ask the question, “For what is your pastor appreciative?”  So here is a short summary of a few reasons that I am grateful to be your pastor:

  • Your hard work and volunteer attitude.  Tara and I have frequently commented on how blessed we are to serve a church that serves!  Any time a need arises in our congregation or community, we can count on several people – depending on the required skill sets – showing up to lend a hand.  Packing groceries, hauling wood, raking leaves, cooking meals, providing transportation … you serve in wonderful ways.
  • Your willingness to learn about the Bible.  I am grateful that every single approach to teaching the Bible I have tried has worked – whether Sunday morning sermons, Sunday evening Bible studies, devotional booklets, or anything else!  I think back to the study on Revelation we finished about a year ago, and I see a congregation full of people who are really interested in tackling the hard stuff.  That’s an enormous help to your pastor!
  • Your gentleness and flexibility.  Do you realize that Tara and I have served here three years already?  And do you remember that this is the first and only church I have ever pastored?  I continue to be amazed at how smoothly you grafted me into the church family and how easy you have made it for me to work with you over the past few years.  You truly are a blessing to me!

Take a few minutes to read the first eleven verses of Philippians.  Those are the words Paul wrote to his beloved congregation in Philippi.  I think they speak very well of my appreciation for Mt. Haley Church of God, as well!

–Pastor David

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