OUT like a Lion as we experience the Lamb of God this week! No one was more surprised than me this morning as I departed for my Tuesday morning Bible Study and my morning swim. Wow – must have been three inches of snow in my driveway —which will probably be gone by tomorrow! How appropriate though as we celebrated Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday which began the journey of Holy Week. Several services this week, Thursday @ 7:00 is our Maundy Thursday service where we celebrate the ordinance of foot-washing, on Friday there is the Community Good Friday Service @ 12:00 @ the Midland Missionary Church and then on Sunday our Easter services are 9:15 AM with the Sonrise Service, then a 10:00 AM Brunch followed by our Easter Worship Service at 11:00 AM. Everyone is invited and we encourage you to come worship a risen Savior! Continue reading

Do you know John 3:16? “For God so loved…” It seems like many people, especially Christians, know that verse, but what about its context? If we only read John 3:16, being a Christian could just depend on a mental acknowledgement of Jesus. But that’s not what John 3:14-21 is about. Listen in as Pastor David continues our series of messages with connections to human trafficking. (And visit www.free2work.org when you are finished!)

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In today’s Chronological Bible reading, we come across one of my favorite topics in the Old Testament: the cities of refuge. These were six cities in ancient Israel that were set apart as “safe havens” for people who committed murder or manslaughter. Something about the conditions set forward in Numbers 35:9-34 strikes me as meaningful for our lives as disciples of Jesus. Continue reading

“I do not do what I want to do. Who will rescue me from this body of death?” Paul’s words in Romans 7:14-25 ring true in today’s world, in a variety of ways. How can Jesus rescue us from the things that bind us? What difference does faith in Christ make in the fight against human trafficking? Listen in to Pastor David’s sermon as we continue our Lenten series on this important subject:

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This week, our guest speaker was Kaitlyn Mercy, a local 17-year-old survivor of human trafficking. Due to the sensitive and personal nature of her experiences, we will not be posting an audio recording of her message. Instead, please take some time to familiarize yourself with some of the resources we can use to fight human trafficking: